Best and Nice Ideas Wedding Flat Shoes for Women’s Trend 2019

Marriage is a very sacred and important moment in our lives. Of course in that moment we want to appear with a very amazing wedding channel. Everything in the wedding must be considered, such as wedding dresses, wedding accessories, wedding designs, wedding colors, and many other things that need to be considered so that the wedding looks perfect and stunning.

Best and Nice Ideas Wedding Flat Shoes for Women’s Trend 2019

Well, at this time we will discuss about shoes that are suitable and right for us to use for the wedding later, honey. Of course, there are so many shoe models today, for example modern shoe models, vintage shoes, casual shoes, and much more. The shoes that are suitable for use in a wedding, in my opinion are vintage models, but casual are also still suitable, such as the Converse brand and Vans.

3 Ways to Choose Wedding Shoes

Okay dear, we will discuss vintage shoes that are suitable for wedding, especially flat shoes. To choose shoes that are suitable for weddings we must pay attention to some of these things dear:

  1. Color of Wedding Shoes
    Choose bright colors like white, cream, light brown, yellow, and light brown. However, there are also dark colors that are still okay if selected, namely black and dark brown. It returns again depending on your taste.
  2. Wedding Shoe Models
    Flat shoes that are suitable for weddings for vintage models are those that match your dress. Likewise, if you are using casual wedding shoes, look for one that fits your wedding dress and concept.
  3. Choose Comfortable Shoes
    You need to know besides choosing cool shoes, you also have to choose wedding shoes that fit and fit your feet. Why? So that you don’t get tired and feel sore when wearing those shoes for too long.

Well maybe these three things need to be considered to choose wedding shoes, baby. Okay as usual, we will share picture ideas about wedding shoes that are suitable for you. Let’s see!

Here we also add ideas about wedding high heels for you.

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